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An Important Reason to Grow

Monday, January 31st, 2011 by Troy Schrock

Contrary to what one might assume, not all business leaders want to grow their businesses.  Bo Burlingham highlighted this line of thinking in his book Small Giants (read additional thoughts from Bo on the subject).  Within this group of CEOs, however, are those who choose to grow their businesses anyway, but for a unique reason.

Great organizations, no matter how large or small, are driven by great people.  But the same qualities that make these people great engender a yearning for bigger and better things – personal growth, if you will.  How does a “small giant” of an organization continue to provide opportunities for its talent to grow?  Well, it has to grow. 

In preparation for an article in the 2011 CEO Advantage Journal, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two successful CEOs who have chosen to grow specifically so that their employees can grow without leaving the company.  In “Growing Your People,” John Gongos and John Hiltz talk about how they came to this decision and how they have strategically approached it.  I encourage you to read their comments.