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The Importance of Alignment Post Recession

Thursday, May 12th, 2011 by Ellen Bryson

Aon Hewitt, a global provider of human resource solutions, released its 2011 Talent Survey on May 3, 2011 citing a gap in leadership effectiveness and the ability to drive change in the post recession environment. Of the 1328 employers surveyed nationwide findings identified a gap between the leader’s involvement and their effectiveness.

Results indicate that leaders play a vital role in meeting business goals; 56% of respondents agreed, but only 12% rated their leaders as extremely effective. A leader’s involvement is essential in meeting profitability targets; 56% agreed, however, ony 14% believe their leaders are extremely effective in doing so. Fifty six percent of the respondents felt their leader’s involvement was necessary in delivering service, but only 17% felt they were extremely effective. Lastly, 44% of the respondents agreed that their leaders play a vital role in retaining talent, but only 7% believe they are extremely effective in accomplishing employee retention.

These findings demonstrate the need for leaders to evolve their skills as they are confronted with new barriers to growth that have arisen out of the recent recession. New leadership skills are required to increase productivity and engage the workforce. In this environment, it becomes increasingly important to align employee’s jobs with the business strategy so that employees feel a deeper, personal connection to the company. Employee development and training are essential for equpping middle managers with the tools and expertise needed to help drive this change since they provide the bridge between strategy and execution.

The most successful companies develop a process that can help gain clarity and focus while aligning the organization around vision and strategy. The basic premise shifts executive team focus from operational issues to strategic priorities and decision making. It is a proven fact that companies that focus on strategy generate significantly higher financial results and higher rates of growth than their competitors.