Creating a Culture of Strategy Execution


Success is not rocket science. One might think that the most successful organizations have some key insight that sets them apart, but nothing could be further from the truth. We live in a time in which knowledge is accessible to just about anyone for very little (if any) cost. Indeed, the basic principles of success are well known, but most people and organizations struggle to put them into practice. What differentiates the greats from the rest is an understanding of the knowing-doing gap, the difference between what people know they need to do and what they actually do. It’s not access to knowledge or even lack of desire that holds people back. It’s simply poor execution.

Strategy execution is about more than completing a checklist; it’s about creating a culture. How does an organization foster an environment in which everyone is focused on achieving a shared set of goals? My recently published article in The CEO Advantage Journal shares a few observations and disciplines from my work with clients using The CEO Advantage Process™. These ideas are not new, and they are definitely simple, but they are difficult to implement. My hope is that you will glean from this article a better understanding of what you must do to strengthen the culture of strategy execution in your organization.


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