Announcing the 2011 CEO Advantage Journal


Where would we be without leaders who rise to the challenge?  Adversity galvanizes the desire, strengthens the core, and incites changes that lay the groundwork for future results.  The work of innovation is hard, but the results are satisfying.  Indeed, we reap what we sow. 

Many organizations have begun realizing the benefits of some tough “sowing” over the last couple years.  They will tell you that although the challenges may change over time, the fundamentals of leadership and organizational success have not changed.  The messages in the recently released 2011 edition of The CEO Advantage Journal reinforce these fundamentals.  The wisdom shared by this year’s contributors is the culmination (reaping) of decades of diligent effort and practical experience (sowing). 

The 2010 edition of The CEO Advantage Journal won the APEX Award for Publication Excellence (Magazines & Journals Over 32 Pages).  Naturally, we are gratified to receive this acknowledgment.  There is, however, an even greater praise that motivates our effort: the positive comments we receive from our readers.  Please check out this year’s articles and continue to submit feedback and download articles for reprinting and electronic distribution.  We find the greatest satisfaction in knowing that our content is helping executives and leaders to increase their impact. 

I trust you will enjoy reading the 2011 issue of The CEO Advantage Journal.


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