7 Strategies for Conquering Fear


“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.  You and your business cannot afford to let fears control you, so you must take proactive steps to confront and conquer your fears.   Here are 7 suggestions.

  1. Differentiate real danger from perceived danger.
  2. Ask the Josie question: what is the worst that can happen?
  3. Confront your fear head-on.  Whatever you fear, there is something you can do to eliminate it. 
  4. Recall past successes.  This will build your confidence that you can confront the fear. 
  5. Develop a goal that is greater than your fear. 
  6. Deliberately seek fears to confront on a daily basis.
  7. Create a system to take you through complex problems where fear might otherwise stop you.

For further detail and examples on how to practice these fear-conquering strategies, read my recently published article, “What Is the Worst That Can Happen?


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