6 Tips for Selecting the Right People for a Team


In recent years, companies have found it harder and harder to differentiate themselves from their competition and create a true competitive advantage.  Those that have pulled ahead have learned that putting the right people in the right jobs doing the right things creates an opportunity that would otherwise not exist.  Perhaps we would find an even greater advantage if we applied this same philosophy to creating teams within the organization.  Following are some tips for selecting the right people to work together on a particular issue:

  1. Identify a capable team leader whose ability to manage people is at least as strong his technical knowledge. 
  2. Grant full responsibility and authority to the team leader for making decisions and removing obstacles in order to achieve the goal within the specified timeframe.  Hold him accountable to this. 
  3. Ensure a good balance of communication and conflict styles among the team members.
  4. Select team members with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to address the problem.
  5. Choose individuals who are mature enough to lay aside personal desires in favor of what is best for the team. 
  6. If the team requires multiple levels of authority, demand that titles get checked at the door when addressing the issue at hand.  Everyone must be an equal participant in solving the problem.

For more detail, including some real-life examples of how this works, read “Winning Together” in the 2011 CEO Advantage Journal. 


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