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In 100 Words: The Great Fatigue

Thursday, December 15th, 2022 by Troy Schrock

The challenging last few years are taking their cumulative toll on senior leaders – they are fatigued.  It’s understandable.  The market dynamics have been spectacular.  High market demand coupled with increasing employee turn-over.  Inflation combined with supply chain issues.

I see leaders counteracting these pressures by:

  • Re-prioritizing resources to only their current, best customers and vendors.
  • Resetting delivery timelines.
  • Slowing growth down to train new staff.
  • Guarding personal time for themselves and key leaders – for rejuvenation and whitespace thinking.
  • Increasing intake of inspiring, positive information.
  • Most importantly,… showing others kindness, patience, and understanding.

It’s important leaders remain refreshed and hopeful.

“Return to kindness.  Let it become your most important accomplishment.”  Bob Goff

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